Barefoot in the Drift

I woke and walked in the snow
We were already grown old
Warm sheets beside you remained disturbed, rumpled, disgruntled
At the lack of warm flesh to wrap ’round

I left them empty
To travel barefoot in the drift

I saw the snowdrops peeping through
And wanted to bring one to you
Instead I became mesmerized
By the glow of this new unknown
Barefoot in the drift
I began to wonder if
People who hate winter
Knew what they missed.

You watched me explore
With the singular intent to stay out
As long as I could.
You knew I was lost, when I didn’t do what I should.
I never came back to bed.
Instead I stayed where they said the earth was dead,
And watched it breathe, slowly, in its most peaceful rest.

I left you empty
To walk barefoot in the drift.
I left the snowdrop unpicked,
The sheets empty,
And I left to find home,
Among the rested earth,

Barefoot. In its drift.

Published by LughLana

Hey there. My name is Ash. Whenever I feel lost or confused, I write. This blog is a project in releasing the poetry I would have kept locked up inside, otherwise. It's pronounced 'LOU-lah-NA.' Enjoy your visit!

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