We Won’t Look Away

The streets are burning
And they took your queen
Placards painted red, white, green,
Hang around necks whose heads don’t feel safe in their divinely granted place
(It’s not about feeling safe)

The crowds are hunting freedom
Satisfying their taste
For an unlimited destruction
They don’t care what it takes
The world is watching with shadowed eyes
They tried to take freedom, but freedom survived.

A star is using her voice for the displaced
Something powerful is moving and it sounds like grace
Something powerful is moving it’s the voiceless claiming space
Something powerful is moving it’s the humanity of the race

That’s populated the face of a planet they call home
But disgrace it’s body, like it could be owned.

So it’s hard and no I don’t understand
Why our systems our bodies our hearts have to stand
against an enemy without a mind, who infects and divides, transposes and resides as much in our minds as our lungs.

So no I don’t understand what’s it’s like to stand in the quicksand of a world that would push you away and make your land a dumping ground for a temporary greed, a temporary gain, someday, they’ll ask for your forgiveness again.

So no I don’t understand why they tried to break you, by taking a symbol that gave you, a promise of peace for a moment at least, but what I can say is that we can choose to never look away

Through screens we can’t hear the screams, but we can choose to not look away. Not pretend, again, like it’s not happening, numb the pain as if we don’t feel something, again.

I don’t understand it, that doesn’t mean I won’t say,
I’m looking and if my gaze doesn’t reach you know that I won’t look away.

Published by LughLana

Hey there. My name is Ash. Whenever I feel lost or confused, I write. This blog is a project in releasing the poetry I would have kept locked up inside, otherwise. It's pronounced 'LOU-lah-NA.' Enjoy your visit!

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