Move On Girl

The anxiety and guilt
pushes up through
my ribs
I breathe out
some generic lies
that trip
on my lip

I haven’t practiced
for this

As my time draws
closer to an end with
you and this
draws more blood,
than, perhaps
it should,
A friend reminds me
that I owe no-one

Still, a part of me
wants to prostrate
at the feet of
an ideology,
I don’t fully understand

I think this is what it means
to feel a stranger in a land
that should be


-A.A. @nyxilotbiscuit

Published by LughLana

Hey there. My name is Ash. Whenever I feel lost or confused, I write. This blog is a project in releasing the poetry I would have kept locked up inside, otherwise. It's pronounced 'LOU-lah-NA.' Enjoy your visit!

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