Where Tides of Emotion Pull

It starts in my stomach,
Or maybe my mind,
A softly whispered ‘no’

And when I try to struggle
Wrestle it away
It sticks harder to my insides

Whispering ‘no’

I think I love him already,
And I want it to work
But the feeling inside

Whispers ‘no’

I feel like the broken one again
That there is some missing part
A rib bone maybe

A breast bone, more likely

That stops me from the full, keening
knees bent, head bobbing, eyes
weeping desire

It doesn’t matter if I want him
Admire, respect him
When inside, I hear


Published by LughLana

Hey there. My name is Ash. Whenever I feel lost or confused, I write. This blog is a project in releasing the poetry I would have kept locked up inside, otherwise. It's pronounced 'LOU-lah-NA.' Enjoy your visit!

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