Between the Song of the Sea, and His Lips

It felt like a little too much
too quick
but I fell into your arms
without the thoughts
that struggle to break
open my mind
was settled on
something else, someone else
then I ignored the voice
and went midnight swimming
with a stranger
when the world’s a stranger
and the water licks my ankles
like I’m meant to be there
and I shivered in his arms
as he settled me down
into the deep
I couldn’t sink
my teeth into the cold
he kept me warm
and I unfroze –
just like the first time
I noticed him
standing at the gates
in the centre of an
old town
me, with coffee in hand
a little unstable now
into this man
who was a stranger
such a short time ago
and I’m wrestling to
define this
and to find the
red flags
so I can save my heart,
in the earth,
not with the water
that could wash it away
I am afraid and then
I kissed a stranger
at midnight, in the sea
with the lights glowing
on waves that followed us
asking us to leave (it seemed)
this poem is
like my thoughts and
my mind
I’d love to say no
to this
move on and remind
myself that it will
but my sense of
between the song
of the sea
and his lips.

Published by LughLana

Hey there. My name is Ash. Whenever I feel lost or confused, I write. This blog is a project in releasing the poetry I would have kept locked up inside, otherwise. It's pronounced 'LOU-lah-NA.' Enjoy your visit!

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