The Price of Inauthenticity

I caught myself sound-byting my pain. It was sort of interesting to witness, I wanted to be authentic and here I was doing something pretty similar to what I’ve always done – giving just enough to make you feel you know me, then pulling all of the intricate moments of my life away, leaving bothContinue reading “The Price of Inauthenticity”

The Abstract Writer

I’m sitting and watching The Right Stuff. In the second episode, the Mercury 7 are given a deal by Life magazine. It struck me that in every action, and every moment there’s a clarity, a goal, in this series. It’s not always been something that’s been present in my writing, or even in my thinking.Continue reading “The Abstract Writer”

The Architecture of Emotions

I wrote a poem once about the architecture of emotions, and how they have a power to change our shape, our structure. It’s not that emotions come along, and give us the sole definition to our humanity – I can guarantee, for example, that my dogs feel love, excitement, frustration. It’s more that I beginContinue reading “The Architecture of Emotions”