#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time

Water glistens in drops acrossThe face of the mirrorI watchThe new edges of my face appearIn the corners of my eyesAs the wisps of hair around my earSpeak to a gentler timeWhen someone else asked meTo stay steady, steady nowWhile a hairbrush whispered throughMy curlsIt was a gentler worldI piece the memory togetherWith a curveContinue reading “#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time”

Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.

This post will be a little different, because I’m in a different space while writing it. But, an important one, I think. Recently, my body went into shock. Then, I had an actual real-life shock. Then, I said, well fuck-it, what do writers do when everything goes to shit? We write. I’m used to theContinue reading “Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.”

#24 healing poetry; anyway?

I had a daydreamAs the sky grewDark and greyAnd stormyI walkedWith my plastic headphonesCreaking to my stepsI became aware ofBright fairy lightsStrung up in mindRunning throughColourful paper lanternsIt felt like bubbly joy, thereAnd I had a vague senseThat I was smilingWhile I hung upMore paper lanternsAnd I had a vague senseThat I was lighter andContinue reading “#24 healing poetry; anyway?”

#23 healing poetry; safety

Safety feels likeWarm tea onA cold dayYou knowIt’s cold butIt’s okayYou have everythingYou needTo defrost your smileThe cup kissesYour lipsAnd you’re lost in safetyFor a while. Time stands still, In the brush of finger tips, It feels like Safety.

#22 healing poetry; speech peace

I sit and feel intothis deep peace.Mercury’s rolling backward,Having a feast,On my confusion and the contusionof my speech. Inside my mind,I’ve struggled to define serenity.It flows right past,As if it’s too fast,For me to even look in. I’ve been used tocoarser emotions, thenemigrated them to a country of self-proclaimeddreams where I read reams,only, of others’Continue reading “#22 healing poetry; speech peace”

#21 healing poetry; feel soul in your night

They listened as I spoke my poetry out,making it somehow more real, and less defined, by me,all at once. What’s the word for words that makeyou feel? I can’t remember, but,I know that I recognised, In the choices I made ofwhich words to choose, that I left so many more out. How it feels whenContinue reading “#21 healing poetry; feel soul in your night”

#20 healing poetry; in and out

The music felt like water,Cooling heated ears.She tied her hair back,Put a hand to her neck,Heard a subtle crack. She could smell fresh paint,Knew she was wearing it, too.A tremble on her lips,Vibration on her tongue… In and outIn and outIn and out The artist breathed soundInto the roomscape around,Wondered how she couldvisit worlds, withContinue reading “#20 healing poetry; in and out”

#18 healing poetry; rest in the forest-sea

She wandered in the mist. Wading in cool green forests, Where dew felt like, the Breath of water in a greater sea. She pushed against ferns, And left footprints in a softer Earth, that called her to rest. Rest on the forest floor, And dream among stars, That are not covered by the lights ofContinue reading “#18 healing poetry; rest in the forest-sea”

#17 healing poetry; what she did

She was tall, thin, with a voice that spoke like she had a twin wrapped up in her voiceboxI felt lost, awakening to the beginning, of my own limits. Limits that became clear,When she spoke. Beautiful, with a presence that defied.That’s it, she just defied…I suppose she might say society,But she wore her loneliness andContinue reading “#17 healing poetry; what she did”

#16 healing poetry; it’s you and me

I know that you can’t talk right nowAnd your is heart is breakingYou’re feeling snowed underLike you’re not worth the waking But you’re the dawn of a thousand stars for meYou’re the opening wonder to this mornin’ symphonyAnd I wait in the wings of the shadows you holdWhispering baby, it’s okay, I’m close I canContinue reading “#16 healing poetry; it’s you and me”