#15 healing poetry; baby birds sing

If I close my eyes, And remember, who I was then, I feel as if both everything, and nothing at all has changed. Strange skies wake me up, though they’ve been ‘home’ for over twenty years. Strange people make me want to collapse into my skin, though they speak with the same accent as mine.Continue reading “#15 healing poetry; baby birds sing”

#13 healing poetry; I bought Jasmine when I heard that you had died

If I arise tomorrow, And forget that your soul Left this place, a long time ago, Would the wind stop beating at windows? They are streaked with rain and pollen clusters, fidgeting bugs and dusty frames, I don’t think I have a picture of us. If I arose tomorrow, If the sunlight lifted in particles,Continue reading “#13 healing poetry; I bought Jasmine when I heard that you had died”

#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin

I wandered down the steps, Broken, worn, grey and filled with specs of marble, That only glint in the sunshine. If they were human, these steps, Would look like an old man, Worn face, wrinkles expanding like sun rays across his face, Hair covering all the places, Which were smooth enough, once, for every flickerContinue reading “#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin”


I wonder – What will get you to start-up, That engine inside, That knew how to say ‘Enough?’ I wonder why you try – To take the pain away, When the pain is the reason, That you know others aren’t okay? I wonder why you doubt yourself, With your big, kind, juicy heart – IContinue reading “Start-up”

Am I Safe?

I wonder if you noticethe way that I pull back?Have I given too much credit– thinking,of course, they have my back.Have you seen me hide my chest,where the skin dips down, curves upin spirals at my breast?And how I shrug my shoulders in,Making sure they never look their best.Have you looked at how I duckContinue reading “Am I Safe?”

Check out older LughLana poems on Poethead <3

I was incredibly honoured and delighted a year ago to be featured on Poethead, Ireland’s poetry index for women. In uncertain times, poetry makes me feel grounded, alive and out-of-time. It’s my uplift in life, so, I thought it was time to share some of my older poetry, for those who might be interested (IContinue reading “Check out older LughLana poems on Poethead <3”

#11 healing poetry; where the air is love

Come home to the sea,where it’s brittle but free,and the air tastes like salt,and the air tastes like salt. Come home to the mountains,where sunrises fill your heart,and the air tastes like snow,and the air tastes like snow. Come home to the house,that you knew when you were young,there, the air smells of bread,there, theContinue reading “#11 healing poetry; where the air is love”

#10 healing poetry; Freedom Washing

I wash down my face, Under cloud-cover and rain. I wonder, what it would be like, If I were the type of person To forest bathe, at night. I think about the lullabies, You sang, Always to the sky. I thought they were for me, But they were a melody, For your wishes, instead. IContinue reading “#10 healing poetry; Freedom Washing”

#9 healing poetry; heal.heal.heal.

My head is splitting,and I can feel the two halvesas I sit here drenched in imaginary water. It rises up around me,and seems to sing – heal. heal.heal. I focus on my mind,Just for a second, but,it’s too busy.I think it’s a little like a market,just stuck inside my skull.Instead of spilling onto cobblestone alleyways,inContinue reading “#9 healing poetry; heal.heal.heal.”