Where Tides of Emotion Pull

It starts in my stomach,Or maybe my mind,A softly whispered ‘no’ And when I try to struggleWrestle it awayIt sticks harder to my insides Whispering ‘no’ I think I love him already,And I want it to workBut the feeling inside Whispers ‘no’ I feel like the broken one againThat there is some missing partA ribContinue reading “Where Tides of Emotion Pull”

That Dance

So I closed my eyes And I cut my hair Wondering if anyone else was there That you could see With eyes so wide It almost defied Belief – It’s not the seeing that’s lost But your presence was the cost Of a self-entitled, self-appointed ignorance To loss I was the cost, and you madeContinue reading “That Dance”

Not Proud to Hate

I hated herAnd I’m not proud of itAt first I was entranced by herDark curls and bright eyesHow she covered up bright red cheeksWith a rimmel concealer at the tableShe was glamourAnd I loved illusion, then.I hated herAnd I’m not proud of itBut keeping this inside Is making this lieBigger. You knew, and Locked meContinue reading “Not Proud to Hate”

A poem of fire

Someday I’ll write you a poem of fireYou’ll be crying to the nightAbout the desire that you severedFrom your heart when the old shellBegan to break again and again Someday I’ll write you a poem of fireThat will turn your tears to steamIn it we’ll scream togetherVeiled, so they won’t see our faces twistAnd askContinue reading “A poem of fire”

The Taut Truth

I feel tautNext to the presence of your possession.An extra person, is convalescing,In this room, built for just us two.“Is it true?”I think, and worry thatA part of me is excited — To taste the excitement of someone else.To breathe it in through every sense. Does that make sense? They say that if I forgiveContinue reading “The Taut Truth”

Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.

This post will be a little different, because I’m in a different space while writing it. But, an important one, I think. Recently, my body went into shock. Then, I had an actual real-life shock. Then, I said, well fuck-it, what do writers do when everything goes to shit? We write. I’m used to theContinue reading “Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.”

Leave No Regret

He loves you as deeply as he can.His mind is as balanced as heallows it to be.You won’t know this yet, butsomeone can only love youas deeply As deeply as they arewilling to look in a mirrorthat shows a truereflection. Reflection makes him wince.You make him deflect.Those words are a misdirection.He allows himself to hurtContinue reading “Leave No Regret”

Body Shock

Electric chords hum lullabies to me in my sleepI deprive myself of rest it seemsI hardly speak about the demons that visit meThey’ve called it ‘sleep paralysis’An oddly neutral name for a wildly terrifying experienceWhen you’re 7 years old, and frozen withDemons parading your sheetsIt’s no wonder, the darkness called to me.D2 gene. It’s theContinue reading “Body Shock”

It’s the maybe that hurt the most

It’s the maybe that hurts the most When you look at him And see a ghost Though you can see his blue veins And, if you concentrate hard enough, A subtly beating pulse. It’s the maybe that hurt the most, Because you didn’t know, What he was doing to you, When he told you yourContinue reading “It’s the maybe that hurt the most”

Where It Hurts, To Be Alone

I wanted you to know,The beauty of being – When you’re lost. Even if it feels like the cost,Is your heart.This grace will make yourSoul start. Bright, in the mornin’ light,The smoke is gone,And, dazzlin’ mirrors Reflect the cost –Of what’s been lost In dark corners,On a bus. When you’re lost – Take a momentContinue reading “Where It Hurts, To Be Alone”