A Thought About Friendship

I began to understand ‘letting go’ as a great act of friendship. I understood that with all the laughter and sorrow behind us, a sort of, unbreachable chasm was opening below us. I chose one way, to get through, and you chose yours. Suddenly, things that had bound us seemed less glue-like. I was resentfulContinue reading “A Thought About Friendship”

Reading Lovecraft

You didn’t curl your toes up, Next to mine. But you read Lovecraft, A beat out of time. I watched your curls, Silky and dry, Thought how nice it would be, If this were our house. I curled up so many times on your parents couch, Reading and wondering what it would be like, ToContinue reading “Reading Lovecraft”

Act One: a poem about thoughts

I think to myself, With the whirly-twirly madness of the world, With my forearms resting against sore ribs, With my head aching while I try to explain, How this feels — I think to myself: “But what if I’m wrong?” “But what if I’m right?” “What dreams can the dreamer girl drink tonight, to washContinue reading “Act One: a poem about thoughts”


I wonder – What will get you to start-up, That engine inside, That knew how to say ‘Enough?’ I wonder why you try – To take the pain away, When the pain is the reason, That you know others aren’t okay? I wonder why you doubt yourself, With your big, kind, juicy heart – IContinue reading “Start-up”

Am I Safe?

I wonder if you noticethe way that I pull back?Have I given too much credit– thinking,of course, they have my back.Have you seen me hide my chest,where the skin dips down, curves upin spirals at my breast?And how I shrug my shoulders in,Making sure they never look their best.Have you looked at how I duckContinue reading “Am I Safe?”

Check out older LughLana poems on Poethead <3

I was incredibly honoured and delighted a year ago to be featured on Poethead, Ireland’s poetry index for women. In uncertain times, poetry makes me feel grounded, alive and out-of-time. It’s my uplift in life, so, I thought it was time to share some of my older poetry, for those who might be interested (IContinue reading “Check out older LughLana poems on Poethead <3”