Would You Love Me Back?

If I loved you the way the night loves a storm, Or how a monsoon covers the sun, If I loved you so brightly, That holding you tightly, Would singe you ever so slightly – What would you do, if I loved you like that? If I loved you like horses love hay, Or howContinue reading “Would You Love Me Back?”

If Emotions Were Coats

I’m watching a cracked screen, Thinking, ‘would it be mean if I just told you I was angry for no reason?’ To hand you my anger, like a coat worn through a storm — An emotional passover to quell the locust storm of strange feelings, ones that don’t have names yet. I wonder, am IContinue reading “If Emotions Were Coats”

Tapestry, It Shouldn’t Be So Easy

A quote flashed up on my feed today, It read something like — “Maybe I started kissing strangers, because you didn’t want me anymore.” My sternum felt like small fingers, were pulling at the nerves, nerves which, apparently, are blocked from this space that feels so much. I feel like someone is pulling threads, fromContinue reading “Tapestry, It Shouldn’t Be So Easy”

Your Name

If I called you by your name, would you answer in the same way, an uptilt to your voice as you say ‘yes, sweetheart?’ If I open my heart, when I’m scared, when it’s dark, and I can’t hide from my own imperfections, will there still be tea in the morning? When the morning comes,Continue reading “Your Name”

#9 healing poetry; heal.heal.heal.

My head is splitting,and I can feel the two halvesas I sit here drenched in imaginary water. It rises up around me,and seems to sing – heal. heal.heal. I focus on my mind,Just for a second, but,it’s too busy.I think it’s a little like a market,just stuck inside my skull.Instead of spilling onto cobblestone alleyways,inContinue reading “#9 healing poetry; heal.heal.heal.”

#7 healing poetry; bright fury memory

I felt old pages in my hands today as I walked down to the post office, in a village by the sea. The sea was so bright it almost blinded me, reminding me, that things can last past a death gaze, my memories of this place are hazy. Not because I don’t remember but becauseContinue reading “#7 healing poetry; bright fury memory”

#6 healing poetry; DEFIANTLY…I, Am, Free

What if there were a love like sand?Every particle glinting but also bland–What if there weresomeone who could find the extraordinary in the ordinary? God, I want to sing, and feel the hot air.The physics of my emotions beating small oxygen particles into shapesthat you can sense.Then maybe, I would exist again. If you couldContinue reading “#6 healing poetry; DEFIANTLY…I, Am, Free”