Soft-pillows and Dream-tides

I feel the tide dragging me under. I’m asleep, the pillows soft, As the dream-water efficiently, Captures the movement of my breath, Trapping it, Like fisherman catch fish, They don’t intend to throw back, Into the sea. An old ache starts in my wrists, But it’s a familiar, friendly pain, It’s telling me my bodyContinue reading “Soft-pillows and Dream-tides”

I Wore You Out

I wore you outLike I was tired, still huntingFor the outI wore you outYour memory was taunting meUntil I gave you to the clouds Hear me out IWoreYouOut Like strings I played too hard, too fast, too many timesMy chest breathes in air like waterI feel like panicking when I knowYou’ve, been, inside of meContinue reading “I Wore You Out”

Act Two: a poem about feeling

A slight, sugary burn, Coats the sides of my tongue. You know, the parts that lift up slightly, and push up against molars? It makes sense, I suppose, to feel an uptilt in the soft flesh, nestled between my teeth. Someone told me, just this week, ‘You have no control over a story, once it’sContinue reading “Act Two: a poem about feeling”

Reading Lovecraft

You didn’t curl your toes up, Next to mine. But you read Lovecraft, A beat out of time. I watched your curls, Silky and dry, Thought how nice it would be, If this were our house. I curled up so many times on your parents couch, Reading and wondering what it would be like, ToContinue reading “Reading Lovecraft”

#13 healing poetry; I bought Jasmine when I heard that you had died

If I arise tomorrow, And forget that your soul Left this place, a long time ago, Would the wind stop beating at windows? They are streaked with rain and pollen clusters, fidgeting bugs and dusty frames, I don’t think I have a picture of us. If I arose tomorrow, If the sunlight lifted in particles,Continue reading “#13 healing poetry; I bought Jasmine when I heard that you had died”

Act One: a poem about thoughts

I think to myself, With the whirly-twirly madness of the world, With my forearms resting against sore ribs, With my head aching while I try to explain, How this feels — I think to myself: “But what if I’m wrong?” “But what if I’m right?” “What dreams can the dreamer girl drink tonight, to washContinue reading “Act One: a poem about thoughts”