The Middle…

She took his lip between hers, bloodless, no air. How sweet life was to taste compared to this, but sometimes even vampires meet each other between legs. It’s a different sort of loving, instead of consuming, it’s the sex of companionship, of not having to explain bloodlust or savagery, nor to make excuses for it.TheyContinue reading “The Middle…”

Fish & Chips & God

*Trigger warning, this story has content that may be unsuitable for those under 18. *A short-story that I never did get to submit to a Bloomsbury competition. This piece, like everything on LughLana, is protected under Copyright law. The plasticine ward smelled like oldness and sickness. It inspired that peculiar sense of contempt that oneContinue reading “Fish & Chips & God”

Scene 1: “Faster…”

“Faster” she breathed into his ear. The friction between them created a heat that made her crave a more animal touch. She wondered why she had spent so much time attempting to be agreeable. Other people loved drugs the way she loved this. “Faster” she breathed into his ear.He felt the friction between them, theContinue reading “Scene 1: “Faster…””