#songswithoutmusic; Like a dream

In my mindThere’s a storyRunning slowlyLike a dreamI can’t Get out so easilyIt hurtsI knowIt hurts you tooIt sounds Like a fire alarmThat won’t stopScreamingLook here at the pastStay where they toldYou to beI watchThe stars fallAnd it’s alreadyDecember babyI fallWith the leavesSlowly intoMy dreamsIt sounds like a fire alarmThat won’t stop sayingHereStay here, you’veContinue reading “#songswithoutmusic; Like a dream”

#songswithoutmusic; Hungry for us

It’s okay to be hungryYou say that you hurt meWhen you opened yourMouth and let her inIt’s okay to want meWhen you’ve made another Choice, our heartsAre beating without aVoiceto pain we couldn’tname I knew you onceAnd ILoved you twiceAnd I Hate thinking ofyou now I loved you alwaysAnd IKnew you thenAnd IHate thinking ofyouContinue reading “#songswithoutmusic; Hungry for us”

Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.

This post will be a little different, because I’m in a different space while writing it. But, an important one, I think. Recently, my body went into shock. Then, I had an actual real-life shock. Then, I said, well fuck-it, what do writers do when everything goes to shit? We write. I’m used to theContinue reading “Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.”

“Come over for tea?”

Gentle SoftWarm TapTouch Notes drift through the windowHoldin’ me up as I tie my shoesAt the door, I noticeroses on my step, petals decorate my footstepsThey tell me I left my heart somewhereOut thereMaybe I picked up a few tooI couldn’t tell you where they’re keptI just know I got swept up holdin’ onto thingsThatContinue reading ““Come over for tea?””

Where It Hurts, To Be Alone

I wanted you to know,The beauty of being – When you’re lost. Even if it feels like the cost,Is your heart.This grace will make yourSoul start. Bright, in the mornin’ light,The smoke is gone,And, dazzlin’ mirrors Reflect the cost –Of what’s been lost In dark corners,On a bus. When you’re lost – Take a momentContinue reading “Where It Hurts, To Be Alone”

#16 healing poetry; it’s you and me

I know that you can’t talk right nowAnd your is heart is breakingYou’re feeling snowed underLike you’re not worth the waking But you’re the dawn of a thousand stars for meYou’re the opening wonder to this mornin’ symphonyAnd I wait in the wings of the shadows you holdWhispering baby, it’s okay, I’m close I canContinue reading “#16 healing poetry; it’s you and me”

2020; the unsung song of the godless ones

God, if I loved ‘yawould’ya hold me through it all?God, if I knew ‘ya, now,Would you tell me it’s okay —to set it down? God, if I knew ya,Walkin’ downtown,With a mask for a face,and a plastic crown —Would ‘ya dance distantlyon a sidewalk with me? Sing through windows,in Italy?Would ‘ya, help me find aContinue reading “2020; the unsung song of the godless ones”