Question for my Followers!

Hello lovely blogosphere people! I have a really hard decision to make and I need some guidance! What do you do when you’re faced with two paths, and both make you feel a little stuck or strange? You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, what’s your method for figuring out what’s right forContinue reading “Question for my Followers!”

#27 healing poetry; shine

I watch in the shadowsAs dark waters kiss the shoreThey lick the sand to glassAnd when he asks, I know I’m sureWhen the lightening hits my skinLike the sand I know I’ll singAnd be reformed into something newSomething, glitteringNot under the gaze of man,But under the gaze of a loveThat feels like waterMeeting the shorelineToContinue reading “#27 healing poetry; shine”

The City That Wears Memory

The city is hard, angular,Time-warped. Not old,But it wears the parts that are new,Heavily,In that way that time holds memories.It hasn’t changed in a long time.It builds the same buildings over old foundations, It wonders why the rivers don’t flow here, anymore. The city chokes, under the dust of its own mistakes. Number one being,Continue reading “The City That Wears Memory”

#19 healing poetry; phone call with a friend

The carpet has made marks on my feet I’ve been dancing. You knew I was angry, And said you’d like to see that side of me, The truth is, I smile as I think this, My anger is not what I hide It’s the entitlement, the shame, the embarrassment, the hurt That I drag alongContinue reading “#19 healing poetry; phone call with a friend”

I’ve Watched From Here

Please don’t leave your sadness hereI’ll pick it up and disappearinto your emotion Motioncures the sea-sickness of this rancid devotionI’m waiting for that secondof pure bliss to encapsulatethe insulation of love’s degradation That I’ve watched from here Don’t come into this glass panelled roomAnd infect me with your lost dreamsWhen you watched them fall withContinue reading “I’ve Watched From Here”

The Memory Police, Ogawa – An unexpected philosophical treasure.

“Help!” I wrote to various co-workers over the soul-chilling, world-bending, strange cyber-nowhere named ‘Microsoft Teams’-(I agree, a particularly relaxed and innocuous name for a tool that stresses me, and countless others, out for at least 8-hours, 5-days a week.) “I need book recommendations, fast. I’ve lost my latest obsession, and I’m dying without something toContinue reading “The Memory Police, Ogawa – An unexpected philosophical treasure.”

Braiding Sweetgrass; The Book That Made Me Understand Gratitude

‘Made’ is perhaps a little hasty, I’m not quite finished Dr. Kimmerer’s song to the lost knowledge of the indigenous tribes of America.But, I’ve never read a book before that speaks so beautifully about the relationship between land and human. I’ve been trying, in my own strange way, to define why my Grandfather’s relationship toContinue reading “Braiding Sweetgrass; The Book That Made Me Understand Gratitude”

A Thousand Morning’s and Ethan Hawke (on creativity)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to go through phases of reading. I might ruffle pages that contain positive psychology tips, the next might be a fantasy, the next particle physics, the next a rom-com and on it goes.I rarely ever buy, pick-up, read a book of poetry in this way. Maybe becauseContinue reading “A Thousand Morning’s and Ethan Hawke (on creativity)”