#13 healing poetry; I bought Jasmine when I heard that you had died

If I arise tomorrow, And forget that your soul Left this place, a long time ago, Would the wind stop beating at windows? They are streaked with rain and pollen clusters, fidgeting bugs and dusty frames, I don’t think I have a picture of us. If I arose tomorrow, If the sunlight lifted in particles,Continue reading “#13 healing poetry; I bought Jasmine when I heard that you had died”

Act One: a poem about thoughts

I think to myself, With the whirly-twirly madness of the world, With my forearms resting against sore ribs, With my head aching while I try to explain, How this feels — I think to myself: “But what if I’m wrong?” “But what if I’m right?” “What dreams can the dreamer girl drink tonight, to washContinue reading “Act One: a poem about thoughts”

Braiding Sweetgrass; The Book That Made Me Understand Gratitude

‘Made’ is perhaps a little hasty, I’m not quite finished Dr. Kimmerer’s song to the lost knowledge of the indigenous tribes of America.But, I’ve never read a book before that speaks so beautifully about the relationship between land and human. I’ve been trying, in my own strange way, to define why my Grandfather’s relationship toContinue reading “Braiding Sweetgrass; The Book That Made Me Understand Gratitude”

2020; the unsung song of the godless ones

God, if I loved ‘yawould’ya hold me through it all?God, if I knew ‘ya, now,Would you tell me it’s okay —to set it down? God, if I knew ya,Walkin’ downtown,With a mask for a face,and a plastic crown —Would ‘ya dance distantlyon a sidewalk with me? Sing through windows,in Italy?Would ‘ya, help me find aContinue reading “2020; the unsung song of the godless ones”

#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin

I wandered down the steps, Broken, worn, grey and filled with specs of marble, That only glint in the sunshine. If they were human, these steps, Would look like an old man, Worn face, wrinkles expanding like sun rays across his face, Hair covering all the places, Which were smooth enough, once, for every flickerContinue reading “#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin”

At most, it felt cold.

When you held me it felt cold. At most, it felt cold. I wasn’t sure why you were there, Appearing in the space, Where my mother should have been. I thought if I gleaned a promise from my father, That I would remain first in his eyes, It wouldn’t matter that your presence, Signalled somethingContinue reading “At most, it felt cold.”


I wonder – What will get you to start-up, That engine inside, That knew how to say ‘Enough?’ I wonder why you try – To take the pain away, When the pain is the reason, That you know others aren’t okay? I wonder why you doubt yourself, With your big, kind, juicy heart – IContinue reading “Start-up”