Goodbye Coffee Cup

It took me a secondTo recognise that the toneOf our storyHad changedThere was no rhythm in myWordsWhen I eked out theDrama through laughing lipsMy hips are shapedTo this chair whereOnce your lap held meAnd I tried to squirrel myselfDown into a shapeThat would please you moreIt took me a secondTo recognise that the toneOf ourContinue reading “Goodbye Coffee Cup”

I’ve Watched From Here

Please don’t leave your sadness hereI’ll pick it up and disappearinto your emotion Motioncures the sea-sickness of this rancid devotionI’m waiting for that secondof pure bliss to encapsulatethe insulation of love’s degradation That I’ve watched from here Don’t come into this glass panelled roomAnd infect me with your lost dreamsWhen you watched them fall withContinue reading “I’ve Watched From Here”