Swirling Skirts

She wore three skirtsIt seemed the airLifted her higher Sheets of fabricRustled against her skinReminding her how thin Life wasWithout danceAnd subtle movement In a tranceShe heard violinsBreak the dawn She had crafted from dreamsThat settled in her chestThe night before And as the stars began to singShe settled inAnd woke up The dream siftedContinue reading “Swirling Skirts”

The Book of Delights (this is probably an ode…)

I recently began reading Ross Gay’s ‘Book of Delights.’ Full of sound, caf√©’s and delicious, sweet fruits, it’s a book that reads like chocolate tastes. Have you ever experienced your mind chewing tenderly on words that activate a sort of mental hyper-taste? My thoughts roll around in his words, his thought and philosophy. One ofContinue reading “The Book of Delights (this is probably an ode…)”

#5 healing poetry; where the beech leaves sing

The beech leaves sing,In bright colours.They remind me offlushed cheeks, and less SFWskin colouring, that might makesomeone blush,were I to tell you,exactly what I was thinking of… The sky repeats the sentiment,where the beech leaves sing,in colours that make our skin light up.Where the beech leaves sing,There’s a light diffusion,That causes a wondrous confusion,of theContinue reading “#5 healing poetry; where the beech leaves sing”