The Middle…

She took his lip between hers, bloodless, no air. How sweet life was to taste compared to this, but sometimes even vampires meet each other between legs. It’s a different sort of loving, instead of consuming, it’s the sex of companionship, of not having to explain bloodlust or savagery, nor to make excuses for it.TheyContinue reading “The Middle…”

The Memory Police, Ogawa – An unexpected philosophical treasure.

“Help!” I wrote to various co-workers over the soul-chilling, world-bending, strange cyber-nowhere named ‘Microsoft Teams’-(I agree, a particularly relaxed and innocuous name for a tool that stresses me, and countless others, out for at least 8-hours, 5-days a week.) “I need book recommendations, fast. I’ve lost my latest obsession, and I’m dying without something toContinue reading “The Memory Police, Ogawa – An unexpected philosophical treasure.”