A City That Melts Under the Sun

The sun carries Heat like the waves Carry light In small spectacles That override our Senses With glittering Vistas That speak of Someplace Where Maybe, We can be whole. I found you, A long time ago On the side of a Road with No name With bushes I was told Never to Disturb They wereContinue reading “A City That Melts Under the Sun”

I Adore You

I watch from an old stone bridgeWaiting where the sun shinesTo see if this time the heatBetraysThat my eyes look for youYou leave andI know you will come backYou leave andI can’t wait to seeYouThis is a summer of loveI’ve never quite had onelike thisAll sweet kisses, and conversationsAnd needing to letyou receive my strangeContinue reading “I Adore You”

The City That Wears Memory

The city is hard, angular,Time-warped. Not old,But it wears the parts that are new,Heavily,In that way that time holds memories.It hasn’t changed in a long time.It builds the same buildings over old foundations, It wonders why the rivers don’t flow here, anymore. The city chokes, under the dust of its own mistakes. Number one being,Continue reading “The City That Wears Memory”