It felt like disappointment

I guess it felt likeDisappointmentA sort of new freshOld baggage DisappointmentLike I’d sprayed FebreezeOver an heirloom blanketThat kept me warmAnd excited to buryIn it for a timeI guess it felt like DisappointmentWhen I realised I couldn’tAsk for moreFrom you. I’m still definingHow it might feel To ask more of myself.I don’t think, that thatWill everContinue reading “It felt like disappointment”

In a moment

I took a momentFrom the palm ofYour handYou knew, didn’t want to understandForever’s not granted to usOnly this momentary love Slip me the warmth of your kissI’ll miss you.Show me this, momentary loveI’ll miss youHold me when the dawn lifts up,Before you leaveThis momentary love I took a momentFrom the palm of your handYou murmuredContinue reading “In a moment”