Blessed Longing

by Goethe, translated by John O’Donohue Tell no-one else, only the wise,For the crowd will sneer at once.I wish to praise what is fully alive,What longs to flame towards death. When the calm enfolds the love-nightsThat created you, where you have createdA feeling from the Unknown steals over youWhile the tranquil candle burns. You remainContinue reading “Blessed Longing”

#21 healing poetry; feel soul in your night

They listened as I spoke my poetry out,making it somehow more real, and less defined, by me,all at once. What’s the word for words that makeyou feel? I can’t remember, but,I know that I recognised, In the choices I made ofwhich words to choose, that I left so many more out. How it feels whenContinue reading “#21 healing poetry; feel soul in your night”