#10 healing poetry; Freedom Washing

I wash down my face, Under cloud-cover and rain. I wonder, what it would be like, If I were the type of person To forest bathe, at night. I think about the lullabies, You sang, Always to the sky. I thought they were for me, But they were a melody, For your wishes, instead. IContinue reading “#10 healing poetry; Freedom Washing”

#6 healing poetry; DEFIANTLY…I, Am, Free

What if there were a love like sand?Every particle glinting but also bland–What if there weresomeone who could find the extraordinary in the ordinary? God, I want to sing, and feel the hot air.The physics of my emotions beating small oxygen particles into shapesthat you can sense.Then maybe, I would exist again. If you couldContinue reading “#6 healing poetry; DEFIANTLY…I, Am, Free”