Writing publicly about mental health as a non-professional…

Alright, here we go, it’s time. No.1 lesson here: Your message, depending on context, is not as important as the health of your reader. Put in a disclaimer on every post that states that you are not a health professional. Seriously, don’t let me down on this. No.2 lesson here: If No.1 got your hacklesContinue reading “Writing publicly about mental health as a non-professional…”

#15 healing poetry; baby birds sing

If I close my eyes, And remember, who I was then, I feel as if both everything, and nothing at all has changed. Strange skies wake me up, though they’ve been ‘home’ for over twenty years. Strange people make me want to collapse into my skin, though they speak with the same accent as mine.Continue reading “#15 healing poetry; baby birds sing”