Leave No Regret

He loves you as deeply as he can.His mind is as balanced as heallows it to be.You won’t know this yet, butsomeone can only love youas deeply As deeply as they arewilling to look in a mirrorthat shows a truereflection. Reflection makes him wince.You make him deflect.Those words are a misdirection.He allows himself to hurtContinue reading “Leave No Regret”

Body Shock

Electric chords hum lullabies to me in my sleepI deprive myself of rest it seemsI hardly speak about the demons that visit meThey’ve called it ‘sleep paralysis’An oddly neutral name for a wildly terrifying experienceWhen you’re 7 years old, and frozen withDemons parading your sheetsIt’s no wonder, the darkness called to me.D2 gene. It’s theContinue reading “Body Shock”

#22 healing poetry; speech peace

I sit and feel intothis deep peace.Mercury’s rolling backward,Having a feast,On my confusion and the contusionof my speech. Inside my mind,I’ve struggled to define serenity.It flows right past,As if it’s too fast,For me to even look in. I’ve been used tocoarser emotions, thenemigrated them to a country of self-proclaimeddreams where I read reams,only, of others’Continue reading “#22 healing poetry; speech peace”

The Beauty Came From the Fight.

Do you want this?Spoke a voice from inside.Though her head was heavy,and her heart tired. She’d read all the books,About what that meant,But the darkness inside,wanted to know if it had spent – Itself inside her soul Maybe not just yet.It decided– and then –It went in. She turned away from the door.A way out.SheContinue reading “The Beauty Came From the Fight.”