#28 healing poetry; believe

The air is cool when the sky is brightThe mist rolls in the thick of moonlightThe world rests in an opaque veil I wonder if I could hear the wailOf an albatross at sea With all this silence, I shouldBelieveThat if the world were to speakI would hear and repeatThe cadence of the danceBetween womanContinue reading “#28 healing poetry; believe”

#27 healing poetry; shine

I watch in the shadowsAs dark waters kiss the shoreThey lick the sand to glassAnd when he asks, I know I’m sureWhen the lightening hits my skinLike the sand I know I’ll singAnd be reformed into something newSomething, glitteringNot under the gaze of man,But under the gaze of a loveThat feels like waterMeeting the shorelineToContinue reading “#27 healing poetry; shine”

#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time

Water glistens in drops acrossThe face of the mirrorI watchThe new edges of my face appearIn the corners of my eyesAs the wisps of hair around my earSpeak to a gentler timeWhen someone else asked meTo stay steady, steady nowWhile a hairbrush whispered throughMy curlsIt was a gentler worldI piece the memory togetherWith a curveContinue reading “#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time”

#23 healing poetry; safety

Safety feels likeWarm tea onA cold dayYou knowIt’s cold butIt’s okayYou have everythingYou needTo defrost your smileThe cup kissesYour lipsAnd you’re lost in safetyFor a while. Time stands still, In the brush of finger tips, It feels like Safety.

#18 healing poetry; rest in the forest-sea

She wandered in the mist. Wading in cool green forests, Where dew felt like, the Breath of water in a greater sea. She pushed against ferns, And left footprints in a softer Earth, that called her to rest. Rest on the forest floor, And dream among stars, That are not covered by the lights ofContinue reading “#18 healing poetry; rest in the forest-sea”

#17 healing poetry; what she did

She was tall, thin, with a voice that spoke like she had a twin wrapped up in her voiceboxI felt lost, awakening to the beginning, of my own limits. Limits that became clear,When she spoke. Beautiful, with a presence that defied.That’s it, she just defied…I suppose she might say society,But she wore her loneliness andContinue reading “#17 healing poetry; what she did”

#15 healing poetry; baby birds sing

If I close my eyes, And remember, who I was then, I feel as if both everything, and nothing at all has changed. Strange skies wake me up, though they’ve been ‘home’ for over twenty years. Strange people make me want to collapse into my skin, though they speak with the same accent as mine.Continue reading “#15 healing poetry; baby birds sing”

#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin

I wandered down the steps, Broken, worn, grey and filled with specs of marble, That only glint in the sunshine. If they were human, these steps, Would look like an old man, Worn face, wrinkles expanding like sun rays across his face, Hair covering all the places, Which were smooth enough, once, for every flickerContinue reading “#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin”