I Adore You

I watch from an old stone bridgeWaiting where the sun shinesTo see if this time the heatBetraysThat my eyes look for youYou leave andI know you will come backYou leave andI can’t wait to seeYouThis is a summer of loveI’ve never quite had onelike thisAll sweet kisses, and conversationsAnd needing to letyou receive my strangeContinue reading “I Adore You”

The Taut Truth

I feel tautNext to the presence of your possession.An extra person, is convalescing,In this room, built for just us two.“Is it true?”I think, and worry thatA part of me is excited — To taste the excitement of someone else.To breathe it in through every sense. Does that make sense? They say that if I forgiveContinue reading “The Taut Truth”

Peach Kisses From Her

Peach kissesOver button-down shirts — Why did you run awayFrom her? When things got raw,You recognised the long straw — Did you scare yourself,Away? Again? How long will youDeny yourself love, Because you fucked it upOnce?Because it’s hard, unapologetically,intense? Peach kisses,Over button-down shirts — You don’t have to runAway From her.

#8 healing poetry; a maybe type of love

Light drips off his chest,and I open mine to afeather touch inside. Like kisses, soft lip touchesbrush against the inside of the burning of my chest. I wonder, what would it be like,to make love to the Ocean? At the hearth of my home,when I return – from traipsing throughthe landscapes of my mind –thereContinue reading “#8 healing poetry; a maybe type of love”