The Abstract Writer

I’m sitting and watching The Right Stuff. In the second episode, the Mercury 7 are given a deal by Life magazine. It struck me that in every action, and every moment there’s a clarity, a goal, in this series. It’s not always been something that’s been present in my writing, or even in my thinking.Continue reading “The Abstract Writer”


I wonder – What will get you to start-up, That engine inside, That knew how to say ‘Enough?’ I wonder why you try – To take the pain away, When the pain is the reason, That you know others aren’t okay? I wonder why you doubt yourself, With your big, kind, juicy heart – IContinue reading “Start-up”

The Beauty Came From the Fight.

Do you want this?Spoke a voice from inside.Though her head was heavy,and her heart tired. She’d read all the books,About what that meant,But the darkness inside,wanted to know if it had spent – Itself inside her soul Maybe not just yet.It decided– and then –It went in. She turned away from the door.A way out.SheContinue reading “The Beauty Came From the Fight.”