Sugar Lips

In honour of International Women’s Day, may I introduce you to ‘Sugar Lips’? 😉 If you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram, or spread the word. It’s so appreciated, and not expected ❤ To anyone reading this, I hope that my intention for today reaches you: May you and your family be safe.May youContinue reading “Sugar Lips”

#17 healing poetry; what she did

She was tall, thin, with a voice that spoke like she had a twin wrapped up in her voiceboxI felt lost, awakening to the beginning, of my own limits. Limits that became clear,When she spoke. Beautiful, with a presence that defied.That’s it, she just defied…I suppose she might say society,But she wore her loneliness andContinue reading “#17 healing poetry; what she did”

Your Name

If I called you by your name, would you answer in the same way, an uptilt to your voice as you say ‘yes, sweetheart?’ If I open my heart, when I’m scared, when it’s dark, and I can’t hide from my own imperfections, will there still be tea in the morning? When the morning comes,Continue reading “Your Name”