#29 healing poetry; starlight steeped souls

I fall asleepto the moontide,noontide, after-in-between darkthat I thought smelledonly of the spaces between yourlegsI tasted the dawn, brieflybefore skipping to the nexttown for coffeeand I held his handfor a moment – his soulthe water stills at timesWhere you least expect toSee the reflection of theWorld as something beautifulBut there you stoodSlightly unsure, totally misjudgedInContinue reading “#29 healing poetry; starlight steeped souls”

Where Tides of Emotion Pull

It starts in my stomach,Or maybe my mind,A softly whispered ‘no’ And when I try to struggleWrestle it awayIt sticks harder to my insides Whispering ‘no’ I think I love him already,And I want it to workBut the feeling inside Whispers ‘no’ I feel like the broken one againThat there is some missing partA ribContinue reading “Where Tides of Emotion Pull”

In a moment

I took a momentFrom the palm ofYour handYou knew, didn’t want to understandForever’s not granted to usOnly this momentary love Slip me the warmth of your kissI’ll miss you.Show me this, momentary loveI’ll miss youHold me when the dawn lifts up,Before you leaveThis momentary love I took a momentFrom the palm of your handYou murmuredContinue reading “In a moment”

#27 healing poetry; shine

I watch in the shadowsAs dark waters kiss the shoreThey lick the sand to glassAnd when he asks, I know I’m sureWhen the lightening hits my skinLike the sand I know I’ll singAnd be reformed into something newSomething, glitteringNot under the gaze of man,But under the gaze of a loveThat feels like waterMeeting the shorelineToContinue reading “#27 healing poetry; shine”

The Taut Truth

I feel tautNext to the presence of your possession.An extra person, is convalescing,In this room, built for just us two.“Is it true?”I think, and worry thatA part of me is excited — To taste the excitement of someone else.To breathe it in through every sense. Does that make sense? They say that if I forgiveContinue reading “The Taut Truth”

#4 healing poetry; the ones I loved

We sat on the cold plastic floor,Outside a lecture hall, named after a man,probably. We cuddled up together.You saw I had Peter Gabriel’s ‘Book of Love’ open.You were shocked. So was I.We’d just discovered that our phone passcodes had just one digit switched.It was serendipity, of course.It had to be.I was embarrassed that you sawContinue reading “#4 healing poetry; the ones I loved”