#27 healing poetry; unburdened

I wander through momentsLike they’re rooms in a houseStrange clicking snapshotsOf things I’m now withoutThere’s a dusky shineTo the old wooden floors of my mindAnd I reach for the windowsA step out of time, and in timeAnd in rhyme with fizzing linesOf moments long gone byAnd todayI feel unburdenedFrom my life.

#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time

Water glistens in drops acrossThe face of the mirrorI watchThe new edges of my face appearIn the corners of my eyesAs the wisps of hair around my earSpeak to a gentler timeWhen someone else asked meTo stay steady, steady nowWhile a hairbrush whispered throughMy curlsIt was a gentler worldI piece the memory togetherWith a curveContinue reading “#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time”

The City That Wears Memory

The city is hard, angular,Time-warped. Not old,But it wears the parts that are new,Heavily,In that way that time holds memories.It hasn’t changed in a long time.It builds the same buildings over old foundations, It wonders why the rivers don’t flow here, anymore. The city chokes, under the dust of its own mistakes. Number one being,Continue reading “The City That Wears Memory”