#songswithoutmusic; Like a dream

In my mindThere’s a storyRunning slowlyLike a dreamI can’t Get out so easilyIt hurtsI knowIt hurts you tooIt sounds Like a fire alarmThat won’t stopScreamingLook here at the pastStay where they toldYou to beI watchThe stars fallAnd it’s alreadyDecember babyI fallWith the leavesSlowly intoMy dreamsIt sounds like a fire alarmThat won’t stop sayingHereStay here, you’veContinue reading “#songswithoutmusic; Like a dream”

The Abstract Writer

I’m sitting and watching The Right Stuff. In the second episode, the Mercury 7 are given a deal by Life magazine. It struck me that in every action, and every moment there’s a clarity, a goal, in this series. It’s not always been something that’s been present in my writing, or even in my thinking.Continue reading “The Abstract Writer”