Barefoot in the Drift

I woke and walked in the snowWe were already grown oldWarm sheets beside you remained disturbed, rumpled, disgruntledAt the lack of warm flesh to wrap ’round I left them emptyTo travel barefoot in the drift I saw the snowdrops peeping throughAnd wanted to bring one to youInstead I became mesmerizedBy the glow of this newContinue reading “Barefoot in the Drift”

Check out older LughLana poems on Poethead <3

I was incredibly honoured and delighted a year ago to be featured on Poethead, Ireland’s poetry index for women. In uncertain times, poetry makes me feel grounded, alive and out-of-time. It’s my uplift in life, so, I thought it was time to share some of my older poetry, for those who might be interested (IContinue reading “Check out older LughLana poems on Poethead <3”