Writing and witnessing

It occurred to me today that when I write I am actually looking for something. Searching, sometimes, with an almost clingy desperation for someone to witness the pain and the joy and the small moments of my life that elicit pre-verbal reactions that I never want to explain in the moment. For example, love thatContinue reading “Writing and witnessing”

Reading Lovecraft

You didn’t curl your toes up, Next to mine. But you read Lovecraft, A beat out of time. I watched your curls, Silky and dry, Thought how nice it would be, If this were our house. I curled up so many times on your parents couch, Reading and wondering what it would be like, ToContinue reading “Reading Lovecraft”

A Thousand Morning’s and Ethan Hawke (on creativity)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to go through phases of reading. I might ruffle pages that contain positive psychology tips, the next might be a fantasy, the next particle physics, the next a rom-com and on it goes.I rarely ever buy, pick-up, read a book of poetry in this way. Maybe becauseContinue reading “A Thousand Morning’s and Ethan Hawke (on creativity)”