#31 healing poetry; completely flawed, completely real

I’ve been holding onto so much.Strange tales told at midnight,Someone else’s love.I couldn’t let go of the idea,that that love should be for me, too.And if I wasn’t built to be her,this imaginary lover, then maybe I could act it out.See if he arrived, andsilver screens wouldn’t touchwhat we’d create.But my creation spun out ofContinue reading “#31 healing poetry; completely flawed, completely real”

A Thought About Friendship

I began to understand ‘letting go’ as a great act of friendship. I understood that with all the laughter and sorrow behind us, a sort of, unbreachable chasm was opening below us. I chose one way, to get through, and you chose yours. Suddenly, things that had bound us seemed less glue-like. I was resentfulContinue reading “A Thought About Friendship”