#18 healing poetry; rest in the forest-sea

She wandered in the mist. Wading in cool green forests, Where dew felt like, the Breath of water in a greater sea. She pushed against ferns, And left footprints in a softer Earth, that called her to rest. Rest on the forest floor, And dream among stars, That are not covered by the lights ofContinue reading “#18 healing poetry; rest in the forest-sea”

#1 healing poetry; soft-soul slumber

I need to let my mind unfold,it’s time to sleep, before I get old,and tired of these looping thoughts, that track me while I wake. When I’m awake,I feel this aching in my bones,At the intersection of a forward/back direction – my hands seem to unfold. I wonder,Is my mind in my hands, instead?And isContinue reading “#1 healing poetry; soft-soul slumber”