A Poem About Thoughts On Love

I guess It’s true Your heart Beat For someone else Too I forget Sometimes That I’m Not the only One Who’s ever Fought, laughed Played – Dreamed of forever With someone And I’m scared If I bend It will make me Seem like I can wait for You, if, you did Love Someone else AndContinue reading “A Poem About Thoughts On Love”

Between the Song of the Sea, and His Lips

It felt like a little too muchtoo quickbut I fell into your armswithout the thoughtsthat struggle to breakopen my mind was settled onsomething else, someone elsethen I ignored the voiceand went midnight swimmingwith a strangerwhen the world’s a strangerand the water licks my ankleslike I’m meant to be thereand I shivered in his armsas heContinue reading “Between the Song of the Sea, and His Lips”