It felt like disappointment

I guess it felt likeDisappointmentA sort of new freshOld baggage DisappointmentLike I’d sprayed FebreezeOver an heirloom blanketThat kept me warmAnd excited to buryIn it for a timeI guess it felt like DisappointmentWhen I realised I couldn’tAsk for moreFrom you. I’m still definingHow it might feel To ask more of myself.I don’t think, that thatWill everContinue reading “It felt like disappointment”

#27 healing poetry; shine

I watch in the shadowsAs dark waters kiss the shoreThey lick the sand to glassAnd when he asks, I know I’m sureWhen the lightening hits my skinLike the sand I know I’ll singAnd be reformed into something newSomething, glitteringNot under the gaze of man,But under the gaze of a loveThat feels like waterMeeting the shorelineToContinue reading “#27 healing poetry; shine”