It felt like disappointment

I guess it felt likeDisappointmentA sort of new freshOld baggage DisappointmentLike I’d sprayed FebreezeOver an heirloom blanketThat kept me warmAnd excited to buryIn it for a timeI guess it felt like DisappointmentWhen I realised I couldn’tAsk for moreFrom you. I’m still definingHow it might feel To ask more of myself.I don’t think, that thatWill everContinue reading “It felt like disappointment”

#27 healing poetry; shine

I watch in the shadowsAs dark waters kiss the shoreThey lick the sand to glassAnd when he asks, I know I’m sureWhen the lightening hits my skinLike the sand I know I’ll singAnd be reformed into something newSomething, glitteringNot under the gaze of man,But under the gaze of a loveThat feels like waterMeeting the shorelineToContinue reading “#27 healing poetry; shine”

Leave No Regret

He loves you as deeply as he can.His mind is as balanced as heallows it to be.You won’t know this yet, butsomeone can only love youas deeply As deeply as they arewilling to look in a mirrorthat shows a truereflection. Reflection makes him wince.You make him deflect.Those words are a misdirection.He allows himself to hurtContinue reading “Leave No Regret”