The Middle…

She took his lip between hers, bloodless, no air. How sweet life was to taste compared to this, but sometimes even vampires meet each other between legs. It’s a different sort of loving, instead of consuming, it’s the sex of companionship, of not having to explain bloodlust or savagery, nor to make excuses for it.TheyContinue reading “The Middle…”

A Type of Wisdom, Maybe

Fascination seems to me a typeof Wisdom.Lost in the awe and maybethe wonderof Ordinary thingsLike how she singsintheShower.I hang the clothes outto dryin airthat shouldn’t be thereAccordingtoRationalityI shouldprobably digest the requestto lock my soul upand guesswhether he wants my tongue on his dickor myassIt’s an ordinarysortof wonderat the strange ways we twistactions and behaviorsinto mindsintoContinue reading “A Type of Wisdom, Maybe”

Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.

This post will be a little different, because I’m in a different space while writing it. But, an important one, I think. Recently, my body went into shock. Then, I had an actual real-life shock. Then, I said, well fuck-it, what do writers do when everything goes to shit? We write. I’m used to theContinue reading “Writing when it hurts…and a poem about us.”

Scene 1: “Faster…”

“Faster” she breathed into his ear. The friction between them created a heat that made her crave a more animal touch. She wondered why she had spent so much time attempting to be agreeable. Other people loved drugs the way she loved this. “Faster” she breathed into his ear.He felt the friction between them, theContinue reading “Scene 1: “Faster…””

Am I Safe?

I wonder if you noticethe way that I pull back?Have I given too much credit– thinking,of course, they have my back.Have you seen me hide my chest,where the skin dips down, curves upin spirals at my breast?And how I shrug my shoulders in,Making sure they never look their best.Have you looked at how I duckContinue reading “Am I Safe?”