#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time

Water glistens in drops acrossThe face of the mirrorI watchThe new edges of my face appearIn the corners of my eyesAs the wisps of hair around my earSpeak to a gentler timeWhen someone else asked meTo stay steady, steady nowWhile a hairbrush whispered throughMy curlsIt was a gentler worldI piece the memory togetherWith a curveContinue reading “#25 healing poetry; A memory of a gentler time”

#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin

I wandered down the steps, Broken, worn, grey and filled with specs of marble, That only glint in the sunshine. If they were human, these steps, Would look like an old man, Worn face, wrinkles expanding like sun rays across his face, Hair covering all the places, Which were smooth enough, once, for every flickerContinue reading “#12 healing poetry; beautiful wrinkled skin”

The Dizzying Madness of Words

There’s a dizzying madness, In words like hope. Did you sing her a sweet lullaby? Before you swung on the rope. There’s a dizzying madness, About words like faith, Did you wipe away her tears? During that long Winter wake? There’s a dizzying madness, About words that hide music, Wrapped up in dulcet vowels, andContinue reading “The Dizzying Madness of Words”

Your Name

If I called you by your name, would you answer in the same way, an uptilt to your voice as you say ‘yes, sweetheart?’ If I open my heart, when I’m scared, when it’s dark, and I can’t hide from my own imperfections, will there still be tea in the morning? When the morning comes,Continue reading “Your Name”