Body Shock

Electric chords hum lullabies to me in my sleepI deprive myself of rest it seemsI hardly speak about the demons that visit meThey’ve called it ‘sleep paralysis’An oddly neutral name for a wildly terrifying experienceWhen you’re 7 years old, and frozen withDemons parading your sheetsIt’s no wonder, the darkness called to me.D2 gene. It’s theContinue reading “Body Shock”

Soft-pillows and Dream-tides

I feel the tide dragging me under. I’m asleep, the pillows soft, As the dream-water efficiently, Captures the movement of my breath, Trapping it, Like fisherman catch fish, They don’t intend to throw back, Into the sea. An old ache starts in my wrists, But it’s a familiar, friendly pain, It’s telling me my bodyContinue reading “Soft-pillows and Dream-tides”

#1 healing poetry; soft-soul slumber

I need to let my mind unfold,it’s time to sleep, before I get old,and tired of these looping thoughts, that track me while I wake. When I’m awake,I feel this aching in my bones,At the intersection of a forward/back direction – my hands seem to unfold. I wonder,Is my mind in my hands, instead?And isContinue reading “#1 healing poetry; soft-soul slumber”