I sometimesWatch the light fadeFrom streetlightsThat woke just8 hours agoAnd I wonderIf we built machinesBecause weNeeded to knowWe could make somethingControllableAnd somethingThat could be fixedAnd something thatNever need dieSo we could liftThe light in lifeAnd never letDarkness overrideOur sense ofEver-beingnessButI think it backfiredWhen we added anOn switchWe never let ourselvesOr our machines restAnd we stumbleIContinue reading “Secure”

There’s A Moment When…

There’s a moment when, The wind rushes through my hair, I’m walking and then, The water ripples with strange dreams, I’ve only ever seen, In my sleep There’s a moment when, I grasp a pen, and sweat I feel But can’t see, stops me thinking The words get jammed at the nib, And I’m notContinue reading “There’s A Moment When…”

Writing for Instagram

I began a new challenge in my writing journey: setting up a poetry instagram (@nyxilotbiscuit). In a past life, I was vaguely annoyed by Instagram poetry, it made me feel like short sentences that were really just phrases of frustration or glee were being placed on a literary pedestal – somewhere, that, maybe they shouldn’tContinue reading “Writing for Instagram”

Act One: a poem about thoughts

I think to myself, With the whirly-twirly madness of the world, With my forearms resting against sore ribs, With my head aching while I try to explain, How this feels — I think to myself: “But what if I’m wrong?” “But what if I’m right?” “What dreams can the dreamer girl drink tonight, to washContinue reading “Act One: a poem about thoughts”

The Beauty Came From the Fight.

Do you want this?Spoke a voice from inside.Though her head was heavy,and her heart tired. She’d read all the books,About what that meant,But the darkness inside,wanted to know if it had spent – Itself inside her soul Maybe not just yet.It decided– and then –It went in. She turned away from the door.A way out.SheContinue reading “The Beauty Came From the Fight.”