The Men Who Took Their Dreams

Sometimes, I wander riverbeds In my dreams And think About the songs My grandmothers Sang, when the winds Beat the cottage roof Down Broken skin And torn hangnails Decorate the hands Of my kin I watch women Bare breasts To the open sea And scream ‘What about me?!’ Except, it’s all In my dreams AndContinue reading “The Men Who Took Their Dreams”

#32 healing poetry; complicated father’s day

I see The shadow of youBehind his formA dayThat should Be celebrated forThe Dad’s that choseTo stay.You were my sunAnd you fell belowThe horizonMy eyesTracked you as youLeft coloured streaksIn the sky – Except, you are not a sunYou are a man.And you chose each stepYou walkedAway from meCrying at the door.And now, I can’tContinue reading “#32 healing poetry; complicated father’s day”


It took a little timeFor her fingersTo get to gripWith the gripOn those strings She pulled time fromA clock with her handsTied in a knotAnd knotted an hourOf mine And the music playedIt was haunting, and frayedLike she wasn’t so sureShe could finish the songShe was wrong Her hands took a momentAnd stretched itTo unfoldContinue reading “Timing”

#27 healing poetry; unburdened

I wander through momentsLike they’re rooms in a houseStrange clicking snapshotsOf things I’m now withoutThere’s a dusky shineTo the old wooden floors of my mindAnd I reach for the windowsA step out of time, and in timeAnd in rhyme with fizzing linesOf moments long gone byAnd todayI feel unburdenedFrom my life.

Move On Girl

The anxiety and guiltpushes up throughmy ribsI breathe outsome generic liesthat tripon my lip–I haven’t practicedfor this–As my time draws closer to an end withyou and thissituationdraws more blood,than, perhapsit should,A friend reminds methat I owe no-oneanything–Still, a part of mewants to prostrateat the feet ofan ideology, I don’t fully understand –I think this isContinue reading “Move On Girl”

In a moment

I took a momentFrom the palm ofYour handYou knew, didn’t want to understandForever’s not granted to usOnly this momentary love Slip me the warmth of your kissI’ll miss you.Show me this, momentary loveI’ll miss youHold me when the dawn lifts up,Before you leaveThis momentary love I took a momentFrom the palm of your handYou murmuredContinue reading “In a moment”

The Book of Delights (this is probably an ode…)

I recently began reading Ross Gay’s ‘Book of Delights.’ Full of sound, café’s and delicious, sweet fruits, it’s a book that reads like chocolate tastes. Have you ever experienced your mind chewing tenderly on words that activate a sort of mental hyper-taste? My thoughts roll around in his words, his thought and philosophy. One ofContinue reading “The Book of Delights (this is probably an ode…)”

#4 healing poetry; the ones I loved

We sat on the cold plastic floor,Outside a lecture hall, named after a man,probably. We cuddled up together.You saw I had Peter Gabriel’s ‘Book of Love’ open.You were shocked. So was I.We’d just discovered that our phone passcodes had just one digit switched.It was serendipity, of course.It had to be.I was embarrassed that you sawContinue reading “#4 healing poetry; the ones I loved”