#28 healing poetry; lead me to your love

Your heart is breaking And you wish you could follow the deadWhere their eyes would still recognise youWhere they’d take your life instead Your heart is breaking You’re tired and out of timeYour body is less alignedWith what they call the real worldBecause you don’t watch to match your footsteps With a world that brokeContinue reading “#28 healing poetry; lead me to your love”

The Taut Truth

I feel tautNext to the presence of your possession.An extra person, is convalescing,In this room, built for just us two.“Is it true?”I think, and worry thatA part of me is excited — To taste the excitement of someone else.To breathe it in through every sense. Does that make sense? They say that if I forgiveContinue reading “The Taut Truth”

We Won’t Look Away

The streets are burningAnd they took your queenPlacards painted red, white, green,Hang around necks whose heads don’t feel safe in their divinely granted place(It’s not about feeling safe) The crowds are hunting freedomSatisfying their tasteFor an unlimited destructionThey don’t care what it takesThe world is watching with shadowed eyesThey tried to take freedom, but freedomContinue reading “We Won’t Look Away”

Tapestry, It Shouldn’t Be So Easy

A quote flashed up on my feed today, It read something like — “Maybe I started kissing strangers, because you didn’t want me anymore.” My sternum felt like small fingers, were pulling at the nerves, nerves which, apparently, are blocked from this space that feels so much. I feel like someone is pulling threads, fromContinue reading “Tapestry, It Shouldn’t Be So Easy”

#3 healing poetry; the magic of us

You wait in the blue-pen, red-pen scribbled margins of wasted breath,aching backs and crinkled necks.You wonder if they can see you yet. You keep your soul locked up tight,waiting for the luminous night,to let you know it’s alright. You always felt safer, there. You need to know it’s alright,To walk where they haven’t, to sayContinue reading “#3 healing poetry; the magic of us”